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Message Templates

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As Well As:

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As Well As:

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Todd Gross, Owner of PreSaleVideos.com

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Jason Lamure
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Every once in a while a new application is released that really makes a difference in marketing.

Mark Joyner built his empire with the first startpage exchange.

John Reese with his system of popunder advertising.

Mike Filsame with Instant Buzz.

In my opinion ViralURL is the new killer app. The combination of URL cloaking, tracking and listbuilding is just awesome.

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Rune Fjortoft, CEO of MLMProNews.com

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It's Jane Mark from JPE advertising.

Congrats on your great new site.

I have been using it for over two months now and mailing to 3,000 members every three days at their contact addresses. The results are superb.

In fact, I like the site so much I have two paid accounts and I highly recommend this to anyone who is a serious marketer on the net.

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Jane Mark, Owner of JPEadvertising.com


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The program is put together incredibly well. I haven't even mailed to my own list yet and I am bringing in referrals left and right.

I have only used list builders as of this writing. I have never had anything ~pull~ in a listbuilder mailing list like this does. Who can resist this?

If you go with the Gold upgrade you get to mail 3,000 random users every 3 days, cloak as many URLs as you want and have your ad randomly rotate on thousands of websites.

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On top of that, I can even make money in various ways just telling folks about this. I already made three sales.

I expecially love the link tracking, I can tell exactly where my hits are coming from all the time. Since I only just got started, what will happen after I incorporate all the promotional tools into my marketing? I can only imagine. The skys the limit with this.

I recommend this program 300% to the marketing community. This is going to change a lot of things for the better for a lot of people, especially affiliate marketers who love to use ClickBank and other affiliate programs with long URLs. This is a Home Run!"

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Anna Mattingly
, Owner of LazyLiving.com


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Just think about it... the lowest cost we found for buying 60,000 double opt-in co-reg leads alone would be $7,800... which won't be as high quality and then you have to mess around with complex systems to email them.

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You guys better take the OTO or you leave a lot of money on the table!! Or better... don't do it so you leave more to me. ;-) Just kidding. DO IT!"

Frank Astheimer about ViralURL...

, Owner of EarlyBirdMarketer.com


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Pretty awesome for just one mailing! I definitely recommend ViralURL for sure!"

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Frank Salinas
, Owner of InstantAds4.Me

At this point you are probably expecting us to charge at least twice the amount we are asking you to invest, but wait... there are yet more features:

The ViralBar shows text ads on it too, and as a Elite member you receive twice as many credits as free members as well as being able to make your ads bold italic and underlined! Free members can have one ad in rotation, as a Elite Member you will be able to have 5 ads rotating!

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Free-Ad Depot

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1,000,000 Sokens! (Sokule Credits)

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20,000 FREE ViralHosts Advertising Credits!

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Master Resell Rights Product #1:
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Inside you'll get 7 reports:

  1. Twitter Tactics

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  7. Squidoo Tactics

Valued at $97.00. Yours FREE!

Inside Each Master Resell Rights Package You'll Get:

  • Master Resell Rights so you can resell it and make 100% of the profits straight to your account.

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  • Professionally designed web page and product graphics.

  • Rebrandable PDF document using our "rebranding tool".


Benefits of these bonus Master Resell Rights products:
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When you have TWO of these products online and sell 30 copies for each product that's 60 sales - $10 x 60 copies = $600 a month*.

Now check out what happens when you have ALL FIVE of these products selling online...

When you have all FIVE products for sale and you sell 30 of each for $10, that's $10 x 150 copies. You'd make $1,500 a month*.

  • Save time and money! The product's already been created for you. Simply put edit the sales page or squeeze page with your order link/autoresponder code and you're ready to sell or build your list.

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* Results aren't typical. There's no guarantee you'll make money at all.
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"I LOVE ! I have been a fan of Colin and Frank's products for some time!

I have just recently joined ViralURL, like 3 weeks ago... I started out as a free user, got 2 signups in one day... I then decided to go Gold... I got 8 signups under me in one hour!

As an internet marketer this blew me away... these were genuine signups... people very interested in what I was offering and now exploding their own double opt-in databases!

Well, this week I upgraded to Diamond and have received 4 new signups to my program in 2 days... Absolutely the BEST product on the market, I HIGHLY recommend ViralURL to anyone working an online business! Well Worth Every Penny!

Thank You Again Colin and Frank! I am HUGE Fan of eveything you guys put out!"

Jenn Pasteur about ViralURL...

Jenn Pasteur
, CEO of JP Enterprize


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Colin Klinkert
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Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer

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Nathan Gurley, from New Orleans / USA


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