"... $223.91 in sales from just one simple mailing!"

"I'm having great success with your ViralURL mailer tool! We just sent out an email about our graphics site and half an hour later we had made 3 sales and 2 OTO upgrades!

That's a total of $223.91 in sales from just one simple mailing! And yes, that's profit, minus the PayPal fees. :)

We send an email once a week and guaranteed to get a sale.

So far the best conversion I have seen with other sites like ViralURL. Love it!"

Aurelius Tjin about ViralURL...

Aurelius Tjin, Owner of AureliusTjin.com


Mike Purvis Testimonial Letter


"More than 100 clicks and 9 signups in 10 minutes!"

"Frank, Colin... Thanks!

I first joined because I badly needed a free tracking service, but you know what? When I saw how well your system works I upgraded to Gold!

The tracking feature is fantastic, but what I enjoy more is the possibility to e-mail random members, I've just sent out a short e-mail and in 10 minutes I've got more than 100 clicks and 9 signups! I really can't believe it, what kind of members do you have?!? I'd like to send to all of them a big thanks!

And thanks again to you for the great work!"

Nick Angeli about ViralURL...

Nick Angeli, Owner of MyHomeBizLife.com


Boitshoko P. Matswagothata's FaceBook Testimonial


"ViralURL is far better then any other List Building Service..."

Todd Gross
, Owner of PreSaleVideos.com


"It's mailing list is the most responsive."

"ViralURL has become my top advertising resource. It's mailing list is the most responsive.

ViralURL offers a rare combination of useful tools (such as the ad tracker and link cloaker), highly effective advertising, and a great affiliate program.

It is very easy to recruit downline members and the upgrade rate is high."

Marina Afanasyeva about ViralURL...

Marina Afanasyeva, Owner of OnlineMarketingInfo.Blogspot.com


"Absolutely brilliant!"

"What I like about Frank Bauer's ViralURL.com is I can quickly cloack my affiliate links without having to buy a separate domain name for each link and the landing page looks like it is my own site, because Frank has provided the means to change the page title to reflect the name by which I have cloaked the link.

Absolutely brilliant!"

Happy Riches about ViralURL...

Happy Riches, from Wendouree, Victoria / Australia


"2 effective requirements anyone needs to get started..."

"Frank and Colin...

ViralURL was a stroke of Genius.

You guys have combined 2 effective requirements anyone needs to get started...

1= List Building and 2=Tracking.

By combining both of these elements, a newbie (or an old hand :) can get results.

So far, our commissions have been good from using this as a day to day tool, without having to hard sell it to people. The natural use it has comes before anything else.

Job well done... Thanks."

Martin Salter about ViralURL...

Martin Salter
, Owner of MartinSalter.net


"... the biggest 'passive advertising' payment
I have ever received."

"'Frank Bauer has just sent you $58.10 USD with PayPal'

What? What have those scammers thought up now stealing credibility by stealing and using a ViralURL name like that? I'm not due those types of commissions. So out of pure curiosity at who would have the nerve to write such a bogus headline on their marketing link I clicked on it and SURPRISE! ViralURL sent me cash!

WOW! I thought. That is the biggest 'passive advertising' payment I have ever received. Usually when I am trying to make a commission like that I am actively promoting a program but this one and the referral that triggered the sale both came to me when I was using ViralURL to cloak my other programs and generate free ad credits through the ViralURL network.

All I can say is thanks guys! That was a nice SURPRISE! And I may have to work in a more ViralURL focused way in the future in order to create more of them for both of us."

, from DSB Marketing


"When I was about to give up,
this changed everyting for me..."

"I am new to the e-business community and I had been struggling in my efforts to start a business. I tried many different programs but nothing seemed to work.

I actually stumbled across ViralURL while surfing. I was just about to give up on my e-business and this was the last program I was going to try.

The ad tracking tool was the first I tried and immediately I was able to see what was working and what wasn't. My business started to soar. The tools in this program are amazing and a 'MUST HAVE' for anyone who wants to be successful.

Thank you so much for creating this site. It is truly a blessing."

David Blide
, from North Carolina, USA


"I've never seen results like this..."

"ViralURL has produced incredible results for my new campaign!

I cannot keep up with the leads and will certainly teach my group how to use it. I've never seen results like this; it's truly a one-stop-shop.

Thanks guys."

Nathan Gurley about ViralURL...

Nathan Gurley, from New Orleans / USA


"Members are far above average responsive!"

"I am very pleased with your System. I am a Gold member and as such can send 3,000 emails to random members every 3 days. What I like about ViralURL is that your members a responsive far above average, so I get a high click rate and a high response rate for my mails. And that makes the Gold membership really worth the money!

Thank you for your giving us ViralURL!"

Joerg Hillebrand about ViralURL...

Joerg Hillebrand, Owner of JHillebrand.de


"... know which advertising sites work best..."

"ViralURL is very useful to my business. I track every ad I place and my main business has had over 10,000 hits. I know which advertising sites work best by tracking them on ViralURL!

Also, when I get new sign ups, I send out a 'Welcome' email with links to valuable sites... ViralURL is definitely on that list and I LOVE the affiliate cash!

Thanks, Frank!"

Bev Franklin about ViralURL...

Bev Franklin, from Virginia / USA


"I have noticed an increase in sales..."

"Hi Colin and Frank,

I found your site through the Greedy Giveaway (and I was greedy too) but your site and tools where the best thing I came away with.

I have been looking for a non-techie and reliable way to hide my affiliate links and now I found it. I am recommending your site to my list in the hope that they will see the light!

And yes, I have noticed an increase in sales too!

Thanks again guys."

Ed Kirwan about ViralURL...

Ed Kirwan
, from Torrox, Malaga / Spain


"One mailing, 17 signups... 3 sales. Awesome!"

"I signed up for ViralURL one night and bought the one-time offer. I sent out my mailing that same night to 3,000 random members and had 17 members sign up to my website within 2 hours!

And 3 of the 17 bought my one-time offer! :)

Pretty awesome for just one mailing! I definitely recommend ViralURL for sure!"

Frank Salinas about ViralURL...

Frank Salinas, Owner of InstantAds4.Me


"... a must have tool for everybody in MLM, Network
Marketing, Direct Sells, or is in an Affiliate Program."

"What a Great Tool!

Hi Colin & Frank,

Not only has ViralURL brought an outstanding All-In-One Tool to the Internet marketing area, they have also created one of the best list building, opt in list mailing, affiliate cloaking, income opportunities I have ever seen.

You're doing a great service to everyone by allowing them to build any business and also grow their lists automatically! This is one service I would recommend to anyone.

After using this tool I noticed that my sign up's and conversion ratio starting to increase.

I wish this tool had been available sooner.

Thank you!"

Robert Phillips about ViralURL...

Robert Phillips
, Owner of Robert-Phillips.us


"... has helped me to DOUBLE my list in a few short months."

"I feel like ViralURL is my own little secret tool to build my list... except that its a secret I am more than happy to share with everyone who is desperately trying to reach their target market.

Talk about a cost effective advertising medium! ViralURL has helped me to DOUBLE my list in just a few short months.

Thank you!"

Melanie Milletics about ViralURL...

Melanie Milletics, Owner of SponsoringSuccess.com


"Well Worth Every Penny!"

"I LOVE ViralURL.com! I have been a fan of Colin and Frank's products for some time!

I have just recently joined ViralURL, like 3 weeks ago... I started out as a free user, got 2 signups in one day... I then decided to go Gold... I got 8 signups in my downline in one hour!

As an internet marketer this blew me away... these were genuine signups... people very interested in what I was offering and now exploding their own downlines!

Well, this week I upgraded to Diamond and have received 4 new signups to my program in 2 days... Absolutely the BEST product on the market, I HIGHLY recommend ViralURL to anyone working an online business! Well Worth Every Penny!

Thank You Again Colin and Frank! I am HUGE Fan of eveything you guys put out!"

Jenn Pasteur about ViralURL...

Jenn Pasteur
, CEO of JP Enterprize


"... that person instantly saw the value of ViralURL..."

"I was advertising one of my affiliate links which has my ViralURL on top and I got my first signup and it wasn't for the affiliate site I was advertising.

Looks like that person instantly saw the value of ViralURL and bought himself a membership.

Now thats what I call powerful."

Lucy Rowens
, from Tennessee, USA


"... a must site for those looking to actually earn on the Net."

"I joined this site as an affiliate, and made my first sale within 3 weeks of joining. I recieved my payment in 2 weeks as stated in the payment options.

Such an easy site to promote and use. As a Newbie as they call it, this is a must site for those looking to actually earn on the Internet.

Thanks for all the help."

Dave Gilroy
, from Australia


"No better bang for my buck!!"

"I so appreciate ViralURL! Being able to cloak links, send mailings to 3,000 every 3 days, build my other programs AND have the list of urls available instantly all day long from the bottom bar, has reduced the frustration of in and out of many different sites-made my working day go smoother.

The mailings are easy to manage, and I enjoy being able to put a Keyword on the link that has a bit of flair to it.

I'm SO GLAD I JOINED AT THE GOLD LEVEL OTO and recommend others to as well. No better bang for my buck!!"

Laura Matsuda about ViralURL...

Laura Matsuda, from British Columbia, Canada


"... I recommend it highly to my family members!"

"ViralURL has rapidly replaced all my other advertising programs, and enhanced my other money-making programs!

I've been using ViralURL about a month now- and my second week, one of my referrals to ViralURL upgraded. Today I received PayPal confirmation of my payment, $97.50! The easiest money I've made online!

Since the Gold upgrade is such a great deal, I expect to be receiving many more of these payments. Those 3,000 emails every three days are priceless.

Of course the money is great, but even better is the fact that I've also received over 100 new referrals in my other programs - the best, most active referrals I've ever had!

I like ViralURL, a whole bunch! I not only recommend it to my online friends, I recommend it highly to my family members!"

Leitopi about ViralURL...

, from Boyne City, MI / USA


"I actually made my very first dollar on the internet..."

"People, I have tried so many business opportunitys, and free advertising sites, seminars, signed up for this and that, and I was introduced to this ViralURL, and thought I would sign up for this, since not knowing anything about cloaking urls, I thought I would try it.

I am new to marketing as you can see, well about 6 weeks later I am just on the site, and checking urls and stats, and I looked, someone actually signed in my downline and I had a $59.00 in my account.

This is the only site I have actually not even talked to anyone or promoted, I just cloaked my url, and that was it!

Thanks, to Colin and Frank, I actually made my very first dollar on the internet with out someone spilling over into my site or giving me a member. This is too easy."

Barry Barrett
, from Glendale, Arizona / USA


"... one of the most successful ways to meet new people..."

"Thank you, Frank and Colin! I have met some wonderful business partners with ViralURL!

I have found this to be one of the most successful ways to meet new people that are truly looking for success in their business(es). I enjoy that fact that I have been able to help so many more people achieve their goals because we have crossed paths through ViralURL.

Keep up the great work on your end! I appreciate everything you both have done for me and my business partners!"

Saundra Meyer
, Owner of Mobile Notary Public in Lancaster County, VA / USA


"... has delivered on every promice made."

"When I was first introduced to ViralURL, I was skeptical. There are so many systems that attempt to get your money and not provide what is promised.

But ViralURL has delivered on every promise they made. Once I got set up, I immediately started seeing results.

Thanks ViralURL."

Richard Mabe
, Mobile Notary Public in Lancaster County, VA / USA


"... a must-have suite of tools."

"ViralURL has exceeded my expectations and is chock full of quality inclusions. Frank has outdone himself again! (But I'm not surprised...)

This is the kind of program that I keep using continually and coming back to several times a week.

You can't go wrong using this kind of service to cloak your affiliate links, create passive viral advertising and contact new prospects. It's a sure winner!

I highly recommend it to you as a must-have suite of tools. (Do consider upgrading because it's easy to earn commissions!)"

Eva Browne-Paterson about ViralURL...

Eva Browne-Paterson
, Owner of Autopilot-Advertising.com


"... totally blows away all competition."

"Absolutely Amazing! ViralURL.com totally blows away all competition. I made $81.00 in just a few days and all I did is get referrals, in which is my list to send email to.

This is viral power at its best and we've only just begun.

I highly recommend ViralURL.com to anyone who wants link protection, list building and make money.

Thanks Colin & Frank. You guys Rock!!!"

Rusty K. about ViralURL...

Rusty K.
, Owner of MastersSecret.com


"$60 in my PayPal account and I haven't started promoting"

"Hey what a great surprise, $60 in my PayPal account, and I haven't started promoting ViralURL properly yet...

Thanks Frank & Colin"

Graham Taylor about ViralURL...

Graham Taylor
, Owner of TrafficxDirectory.com


"I didnīt even know I was promoting..."

"Viralurl is so great. I didnīt even know I was promoting when I used the ViralURL tool and suddenly Iīve got an email that I had made a sale!

$59 extra in my Paypal account just now. What a great way to promote this way!

Thank you so much Viralurl for this great opportunity!"

Lisbeth Stokholm
, from the Netherlands


"...my affiliate commisions have risen over 100%"

"Dear Colin and Frank,

My name is Daniel Pyle and I am from Illinois. For a long time I have struggled online as an affiliate. I had very unresponsive lists. I had commissions stolen. I have even lost down line members because of this. I was frustrated and about to call it quits, but then you guys came along at just the right time and since I have become a member here my team has grown 200% and my affiliate commisions have risen over 100%. You arrived just in time for me.

I encourage everyone newbie to experienced marketer to use the tools here, and the bonuses are just icing on the cake. Thanks again guys."

Daniel Pyle
, Owner of WinnersIncome.com


"The one time offer is something that everybody should get"

"Wow Colin & Frank, I think you have created the next killer app.

Every once in a while a new application is released that really makes a difference in marketing.

Mark Joyner built his empire with the first startpage exchange.

John Reese with his system of popunder advertising.

Mike Filsame with Instant Buzz.

In my opinion ViralURL is the new killer app. The combination of URL cloaking, tracking and listbuilding is just awesome.

And the one time offer is something that everybody should get. I mean - just The power to send 30.000 e-mails a month - wow!

I highly recommend ViralURL to everybody. This is a must have."

Rune Fjortoftt about ViralURL...

Rune Fjortoft
, CEO of MLMProNews.com


"Thanks for paying me $743 to advertise my business!"

"Hi Frank and Colin,

All I can say is Thanks! The reason I signed with ViralURL was to access the Gold member mailer. It took me 1 year to build a list of 3,000 myself...

...with your Gold Mailer I instantly got access to 30,000 members per month to send my solo ads to!

And by promoting my affiliate link to my existing list I had over 80 free ViralURL referrals, out of the 80 free referrals 7 upgraded to Gold Membership.

Guys... I'm amazed... Thanks for paying me $743 to advertise my business to a fast growing and responsive ViralURL membership!"

Jason Lamure about ViralURL...

Jason Lamure, Owner of My-Easy-Promoter.com


"I have two paid accounts and I highly recommend this..."

"Frank and Colin,

It's Jane Mark from JPE advertising.

Congrats on your great new site.

I have been using it for over two months now and mailing to 3,000 members every three days at their contact addresses. The results are superb.

In fact, I like the site so much I have two paid accounts and I highly recommend this to anyone who is a serious marketer on the net.

You guys really did a fabulous job.

And the one time offer is something that everybody should get. I mean - just the power to send 30.000 e-mails a month - wow!

I highly recommend ViralURL to everybody. This is a must have."

Jane Mark about ViralURL...

Jane Mark, Owner of JPEadvertising.com


"This is a Home Run!"

"I've been working very definitely on this project for a few days now and I have to tell you Frank & Colin, this is excellent.

The program is put together incredibly well. I haven't even mailed to my own list yet and I am bringing in downline left and right.

I have only used list builders as of this writing. I have never had anything ~pull~ in a listbuilder mailing list like this does. Who can resist this?

If you go with the Gold upgrade you get to mail 3,000 random users every 3 days, cloak as many URLs as you want and have your ad randomly rotate on thousands of websites.

Thats not counting the hundreds of dollars worth of materials I received, software, ebooks, free marketing opportunities and so much more in surprise bonuses.

On top of that, I can even make money in various ways just telling folks about this. I already made three sales.

I expecially love the link tracking, I can tell exactly where my hits are coming from all the time. Since I only just got started, what will happen after I incorporate all the promotional tools into my marketing? I can only imagine. The skys the limit with this.

I recommend this program 300% to the marketing community. This is going to change a lot of things for the better for a lot of people, especially affiliate marketers who love to use ClickBank and other affiliate programs with long URLs. This is a Home Run!"

Anna Mattingly about ViralURL...

Anna Mattingly, Owner of LazyLiving.com


"Over Two Hundred Opt-In From 1 Mailing!"

"I MUST share with you how I appreciate the service from this 2 smart guys Frank Bauer and Colin Klinkert.

I'm a while around in this arena and I never got with any other service like this so many optins from 1 mailing. WOW!!!

I decided to take the OTO and now I know this was a very smart decision. :-)

It's not from this earth. This kind of results have blown me away, kicked me out of my chair, have made my day the next day, made my head spin after I turned on my PC and saw I had OVER TWO HUNDRED OPT-INS to my site!

This alone is worth $400 and that was just with one mailing. I feel like Mr. Wonderful. LOL

Thanks again Frank & Colin. You made a wonderful job. I'm looking forward to the next mailing and I can do that each and every 3 days to 3,000 fresh eager members. FANTASTICO!!!

You guys better take the OTO or you leave a lot of money on the table!! Or better... don't do it so you leave more to me. ;-) Just kidding. DO IT!"

Frank Astheimer about ViralURL...

Frank, Owner of EarlyBirdMarketer.com


"I feel like I've hit the Jackpot!"

"I was a bit skeptical of the 'list builder' Gold Membership, but I have to say that each and every time I mail to the ViralUrl list I get 40+ optins!

This is going to grow our income exponentially in 2019!

I feel like I've hit the Jackpot!

Thank you!"

Melanie Milletics about ViralURL...

Melanie Milletics, Owner of SponsoringSuccess.com


"... your product and commissions are beyond exceptional!"

"Colin & Frank,

It probably seems a bit pathetic to say that in seven years online, this is the first pay I have received over $100 derived in only a few short days. It is such a wonderful feeling and your product and commissions are beyond exceptional!

I was led to your service through our FriendsWin Viral Marketing Group. I am so glad that we were pointed in this direction. Not only do you have a superior product, but every promise you have made has been kept.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for giving those of us who do not yet have a fortune built up to advertise the opportunity to finally get going online!

Here's to future success to all of us!"

Ellyn George about ViralURL...

Ellyn George
, from Port Washington, WI / USA


"Nothing compares to ViralURL!"

"I've seen a lot of programs in my 8 years, but nothing compares to ViralURL. The link cloaker capability is genius! ViralURL is my #1 resource pick for 2019!

The system sells itself ... I'm in third place in the contest simply by sharing the ViralURL information with everyone I know.

It's a great system and one that everyone will soon be using! ViralURL will soon become an online standard!

Thanks Colin and Frank!"

Janet Legere about ViralURL...

Janet Legere, owner of MyWealthyBlog.com


"Over $600 in commissions from one email!"

"ViralURL is awesome! I am very impressed with the service and I have made over $600 in commissions from one email!

You're doing a great service to everyone by allowing them to protect their affiliate links and also grow their lists automatically! This is one service I would recommend to anyone.

It doesn't matter if you are new to affiliate marketing or are a super affiliate, ViralURL can help you save and make money very easily!"

Chris Morris about ViralURL...

Chris Morris, owner of DiscoverCpanel.com


"I've earned $216.70 just by cloaking my own URL!"

"Hi guys,

Let me start by saying Thanks Frank & Colin for this awesome site.

Great list builder, mailer & a must for anyone promoting affiliate links. As soon as I signed up, it was a no-brainer for me to upgrade to Gold! Using ViralUrl to promote my business I have already managed to sponsor 13 members up to now.

I've earned $216.70 just by cloaking my own URL!

Whether you're an experienced marketer or a newbie to the Internet, it would be a crime not to have this great tool!"

Stephane Tourigny about ViralURL...

Stephane Tourigny
, from Ontario / Canada


"First week, 20 referrals and paid $113.50 commissions."

"I just had to write and tell you guys what a wonderful program you have given us. Not only do we now protect our urls but recieve real commissions for referring others.

First week, 20 referrals and paid $113.50 commissions. Where else can you get that.

Keep up the good work guys."

Paul Warren about ViralURL...

Paul Warren, owner of SoldierSurf.com


"ViralURL paid for itself 10 times over..."

"Wow Colin and Frank.

All I can say is thank you, thank you! Not only has ViralURL paid for itself 10 times over for me, BUT being able to track all my statistics on each and every URL I cloak on all my promotions, has actually SHOWN me what ads are working and what are not. And that is money in the bank.

I love it! And now with the advanced cloaking... all I can say is THANK YOU!"

Nancy Bishop about ViralURL...

Nancy Bishop
, owner of AllTheFreeTrafficUWant.com


"ViralUrl is the answer to an affiliate’s dream!"

"I never cease to be amazed at the brilliance of some young people! Mr. Colin Klinkert & Mr. Frank Bauer are absolute geniuses! ViralUrl is mega-organized, user-friendly, and is going to explode the Internet like a nuclear weapon!

ViralUrl is the answer to an affiliate’s dream! From the bottom of my heart, and with all due respect, thank you Mr. Klinkert & Mr. Bauer! This is what happens when two great minds meet!

To the massive success of ViralUrl and its founders!"

Gloria Simmons about ViralURL...

Gloria Simmons
, from Franklin, NC / USA


"BOATLOADS of laser targeted TRAFFIC..."

"WOW! What a concept!

I only wish I had thought of it...

I am now driving BOATLOADS of laser targeted TRAFFIC to my site.. All on AUTO-PILOT!

I have been an Internet Marketer for over 8 years now and own sevral successful sites. In all my years, no-one has been able to pull off such a simple system!

Thanks Colin and Frank"

Mark Call about ViralURL...

Mark Call, Owner of InternetVideoPro.com


"I have earned $315.20 for only 4 upgrades."

"G'day Frank,

Let me compliment you and Colin on a magnificent site.

With only 20 personally sponsored members (so far) I have earned $315.20 and that is for only 4 upgrades.

ViralURL will help anybody get more traffic and sign ups to whatever site they are promoting.

The members area is fantastic and it will benefit everybody, especially new people to internet marketing.

People would be crazy if they don't sign up and take advantage of your site."

Zac Joesvski About ViralURL.com...

Zac Josevski
, owner of Free-Site-Rotator.com


"Thanks For Adding This New Membership Level"

"Hey Guys,

Just want to thank you for letting me know about ViralURL.

In a couple of minutes I got the ViralURL system running on Auto-Pilot! Now it's promoting itself, promoting my sites and building my list... oh, AND the $360 Dollars from the ViralURL commissions. Lucky I went GOLD otherwise I would've only made a couple less dollars!

But I gotta be honest with you... getting all those emails was not that cool, so thanks for adding this new membership level and I am sure your members will love it!

Sensational system and I can see it's only going to get BIGGER. Love the new Banner advertising system I can use too! Keep up the great work... and DON'T STOP building this thing.

It's working fantastic for me! Thanks again."

AJ Wilson about ViralURL...           

AJ Wilson, CEO of ViralCashFusion.com