We know how frustrating it can be when too many popups clog your screen, or several fly-in-ads poke their pointless ugly design onto your screen.

Worse still porn or other inappropriate material invades your surfing experience.


Use this page to report websites that violate the ViralURL.com rules only...

Pages that break the frame or that contain more then one pop-up, pop-under and pop-out are not permitted. Also, pages that contain illegal, offensive, racial, sexual, adult only or immoral content are not permitted.

Do NOT use this form for ANY other kind of communication!

Please enter a helpdesk support request for other enquiries. 
Thank you!

When Do You Receive Credits?

Every day you can receive up to 300 credits for watching 10 unique recommended pages for at least 30 seconds each. With every single page you are credited 30 credits immediately after you click on the correct color button that shows up after you watched that page 30 seconds

What Is A Unique Page?

It's a page that you have not already seen within the last 24 hours.

My Credits Left Seem To Go Down While I Am Viewing A Page, Why?

The credits you have left are used to display your Viralbar ad right away on other members Viralbar. So, the credits you received will be put into use for you right away. To pause the use of your Viralbar ad credits you can remove your Viralbar ads in the "Manage Viralbar Ads" section.